Friday, May 31, 2013

Favorite Products

Hello!!! It's been awhile since I have blogged so I thought I would share some products I am loving lately..

This body wash smells so good, and it makes my skin so soft! Usually when I get out of the shower my skin is so dried out, but not with this stuff. Love it!

My hair is soooo damaged from all the bleaching, dying, flat iron/curling iron. This stuff is so amazing my hair hasn't been this soft in a LONG time! And maybe its a coincidence, but I think it's helping my hair to grow faster. My hair was an inch maybe two off my shoulders a month and a half ago, and now it's barely touching my shoulder. Yay!

I have tried a couple different mascaras but keep coming back to this one. It makes my lashes look fuller, and is easy to clean off at night which I like.

This stuff is awesome. I like it way better than liquid foundation, and it has sunscreen which I like. I get the ivory color which is the lightest shade. But, for once in my life my arms and neckline are tan!:) So I might get a darker color for summertime. Love this stuff. Won't use anything else.

This perfume smells so yummy! The thing I like most about it, is the smell last! You don't have to spray it on multiple times a day.

Well, there are some of the products I like to use. It's important as a stay at home mom to stay looking, and smelling good for your man. And it just helps me to feel better about myself. I decided to do this post cause most these products I have found on other blog reviews, so I thought I would share them as well.

Happy Friday:)

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